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Get ready to move forward in life or business with intuitive guidance Kelly Swan in Glasgow.
Realise your desire for personal growth, develop positive habits, achieve the life you desire and deserve !

Ready to navigate a career change - a relationship or find some inspiration within the artistic and jewellery design sector?
Remove blocks release your inner true power.
We all face challenges in life however I found with spiritual and divination methods we can effectively tackle them together.
The truth is that real and lasting change, more often than not, requires the support, incisive input and motivation that often comes from the most unexpected and unique experience and people, is it really just by chance you are here reading this now ? Or is the universe trying to support you and guide you well .
So don’t wait another day, get in touch , your one messageaway from possibly finding a way to change your life.


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Embracing change and understanding yourself.

I am here to support you to live a more enchanted, positive and fulfilling life wether it's releasing and embracing your creative potential or helping you gain back your personal power. I love to share the fruits of my personal developmental methods through creative works and spiritual divination experiences with clients. The journey of personal career growth, relationships with ourselves and others is so vital to live our best life, so why wouldn’t we seek help from someone who believes in YOU, who can guide us and help us develop more effective and productive techniques to create that life we crave, who can help us work with divination methods of working through the crossroads. Looking at the world a little different can bring such amazing insight to YOUR journey. I work with clients who want to develop better self-discipline, overcome their negative habits or outlook, and i know the people who want to work with me will be exactly who they are supposed to be. As a seeker, divination tutor and a personal growth mentor I can direct you to so many other wonderful caring professionals for a number of different therapies, coaching I will alsways sign post if i feel someone has something to offer you that i possibly can't. Because i too am a seeker and on my own journeyand i want to share my journey with YOU. As an intuitive empath and divination tutor profesional reader I am here to offer you the best of my abilities through art and the ancient arts of spiritual and enchanting living. No pussycat guidance, no spamming just real authentic support and guidance. Why don't you take a look through my services and products and feel free to get in touch , together we can be everything we want to be , the possibilities are endless. Img. Below is from kate Spencer twelve lessons journal. Life and soul academy links available by request.


From day one the change the journey the journal.
Who am i ?
Wordpress can let you read the journey . Jewellery designer. https://enchantedcove.wordpress.com/2019/10/12/kelly-swan-in-glasgow/

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Join The Tarot Hub at [email protected] 

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We all know art is great therapy and is a place to explore and learn how to use art as part of our mental and spiritual health and healing.  

Do you know of a small space to hold jewellery design workshops and various applied arts techniques.  
Are you looking for something exciting for your club /groups or organisations?
Then please get intouch to find out how i can help you explore art and therapy .
Art is a beneficial way allow you to practice mindfulness and relieve stress or anxiety and is so much fun .
Release the inner child .
What will you create ?

I also hope to host an exciting exhibition of my students works in the future . 

I hope that this is something you may consider to be beneficial to you.

Age and sessions would be determined by the number of students enrolling.


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